Brad Paisley, "Welcome To The Future"


Brad Paisley claims his newest single is his favorite song he's ever penned. Coming from an artist who has either written or co-written the bulk of his 14 No. 1 tunes (with the last 10 chart-toppers being consecutive), that says a lot. Written with frequent collaborator Chris DuBois, "Welcome to the Future" is modern country at its best -- topical and entertaining. The lyrics reveal bright-eyed admiration for all forms of social progress (from mobile videogames to globalism), and producer Frank Rogers cleverly blends in blippy sonic flourishes among buoyant guitar riffs. When Paisley sings, "Wherever we were going, well we're here/So many things I never thought I'd see happening right in front of me," it feels at once nostalgic and forward-looking. --Deborah Evans Price