The Fiery Furnances, "I'm Going Away"

Quirky Brooklyn-based indie rock act The Fiery Furnaces has mellowed in recent years. On "I'm Going Away," the eighth release from the brother-and-sister duo of Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger, the pair moves away from its usual experimentation and focuses more on a sound reminiscent of '70s rock music. The new album's lyrical plotlines feel more organized than on past efforts, and musical twists are easier to follow, with Matthew's piano grounding the recording. Eleanor's clunky sound gets even more contralto on "I'm Going Away," and the singer continues to cram syllables into her lyrics. Although the duo reimagines '70s soft rock on "The End Is Near" and "Lost at Sea," the tracks come off in a surprisingly modern way-much like "I'm Going Away" as a whole. --Jillian Mapes

- Album Review