Vivian Girls, "When I'm Gone"

Track Review

The lo-fi rock band Vivian Girls stake their claim as the queens of Brooklyn's indie music scene with "When I'm Gone," the lead single from their second album, "Everything Goes Wrong," due Sept. 8. Members Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy and Ali Koehler show growth as songwriters on the hazy tune, embracing their love for Brill Building girl-group harmonies more than ever before as they sing of an ex-lover's regret. "When everything goes wrong, will you sit around and miss me when I'm gone?" they sing over an unabated wash of amplifier fuzz, adding just the right amount of distortion to the sweetness. Displaying a moodier edge than on the band's self-titled debut, the Girls are clearly holding their Wipers 7-inch collection close to their broken hearts. --Ron Hart