David Garza, "Dream Delay"

Album Review

Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter David Garza's words tumble out of him with a beauty and unpredictability that makes his bluesy warble consistently interesting. Dry wit, a zigzagging vocabulary and poignant melodies are layered with guitar, piano, sparingly used effects and echoing background vocals (including vocal contributions by Fiona Apple). Highlights on Garza's newest album, "Dream Delay," include the folky, electro-tinged "Dead French Dudes;" the sentimental "Ye Olde Dream Delay;" and the noise-rock anthem "Minority Boys Got $," with roars from ex-Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen. ("We are sharp shooters Norman Rockwell looters bushwacking away / border brooders ESL tutors working for cinnamon wage / mowing Uncle Sam's lawn splitting tips hauling trash / don't let this fool you minority boys got cash.") Having so much to chew on isn't usually this enjoyable, but Garza makes it an easy pleasure. --Ayala Ben-Yehuda