Bomba Estereo, "Fuego"

Track Review

Cumbia sicodélica is hardly a genre that overtly appeals to the mainstream. And yet Bomba Estereo, the Colombian duo that merges its country's folkloric music with electronica, hip-hop and reggae, is turning plenty of heads with its song "Fuego," the exhilarating lead single from its debut album, "Blow Up," released in July. With as much swagger as an eight-member rap crew, petite singer/MC Liliana Saumet announces Bomba Estereo's mission statement over a throbbing beat produced by her creative partner, Simon Mejia, and playfully refers to both Colombia's burgeoning dance culture and traditional attire in the same breath. Though it's likely to stay labeled as alternative-and thus remain off the commercial Latin airwaves-radio would do well to take a chance on this song, especially in the post-reggaetón programming landscape. --Monica Herrera