T.O.K., "Couple Up"

Track Review

T.O.K. isn't exactly Jamaica's hardest hitting act -- when it debuted in the '90s, the foursome was dubbed reggae/dancehall's "first boy band." Yet "Couple Up," the lead single from third LP "Our World," is light and breezy even by the now veteran group's typically laidback standards. The fleeting singalong, which barely breaks the two-minute mark, leaves just enough room for two quick verses to reinforce the track's patois-laced hook ("Every man fi couple up with a woman/Every queen fi a wine 'pon a king"). Ultimately, the track floats by too quickly for any of the T.O.K.'s members -- Craigy T, Flexx, Alex and Bay-C -- to leave much of an impression. Instead, producer Arif Cooper's insistent soca rhythm -- a folksy beat that could endear the song to cruise ship and wedding DJs -- is its most memorable component.