Jet, "Shaka Rock"

From the opening sirens and rumbling drums of the first track, "K.I.A. (Killed in Action)," Jet's third full-length album, "Shaka Rock," is a guitar-rock scorcher. The set finds the band continuing to riff on the blissful messiness of classic rock while packing each track with solid hooks. The first single, "She's a Genius," recalls the radio-ready snarl of Jet's 2003 breakthrough hit "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," while "Walk" begins as a lilting piano ballad before transforming into a bluesy stomp. The Australian rockers have always benefited from technical proficiency, and from the tight guitar solos to the tenacity of frontman Nic Cester's vocals, "Shaka Rock" sounds impeccable. But the album lacks the exhalation of a true ballad, with the closer "She Holds a Grudge" failing to match the understated power of past tracks "Look What You've Done" and "Shine On." "Shaka Rock" may not expand Jet's range, but its high-energy guitar assaults should impress modern rock audiences. --Jason Lipshutz

- Album Review