Felix Da Housecat, "He Was King"

Album Review
<p>DJ/producer <a href="http://www.billboard.com/#/artist/felix-da-housecat/141932">Felix Stallings Jr.</a> freely wields a number of genres, including new wave, funk and house. As such, he can't help but make music that references each of them. Stallings' 2001 underground hit "Kittenz &amp; Thee Glitz" helped launch the electroclash movement, thus setting the stage for the techno top 40 trickle-up that's still felt today. Decidedly prettier but no less twisted, his new set, "He Was King," shimmers and jolts like a cyborg sex kitten. The album runs purposefully cold-"Kickdrum" only makes sense on the dancefloor, with its wicked wall of sound that might get played at an alien rave. "We" floats across the '80s like <a href="http://www.billboard.com/#/artist/the-orb/5349">The Orb</a> meets <a href="http://www.billboard.com/#/artist/m83/516934">M83</a>, while "Do Not Try This at Home" (a ditty about suicide that could read as coy Swedish pop, with a little Creole zing and twist of trance) is Stallings at the peak of his powers. Masterfully bleak and hyper-stylized, "He Was King" is music for the robot age. --Kerri Mason</p>