Mark Schultz, "Come Alive"

Album Review

Contemporary Christian singer/ songwriter Mark Schultz has a gift for taking life experiences -some joyous, others tragic-and distilling them into compelling songs. Those talents are displayed on the artist's new album, "Come Alive." The song "What It Means to Be Loved" tells the story of parents who learn that their unborn daughter may not live long and their reaction to the news ("I want to give her the world/I want to hold her hand/ I want to be her mom just as long as I can and live every moment until that day comes/I want to show her what it means to be loved"). Even while acknowledging life's trials, the collection has a hopeful tone, especially on anthems like "Live Like You're Loved" and "All Has Been Forgiven." The lovely track "God of Glory" is a powerful worship song, while "Love Has Come" is a vibrant number, buoyed by an amazing choir that showcases Schultz's passionate vocals and exuberant spirit. --Deborah Evans Price