Muse, "Uprising"

Track Review

The first song Muse leaked from its upcoming album "Resistance" was the Queen-emulating "United States of Eurasia," but it's now clear that "Uprising" will be the lead single. The song's persistent bass and driving snare, synched to cries of "Oi!," give it a collectivist stadium-chant vibe. That said, it's hard to imagine a song less likely to be sung at an actual protest. The hook is part Billy Idol's "White Wedding," part Blondie's "Call Me," while the chorus -- "They will not force us/They will stop degrading us/They will not control us/We will be victorious" -- is a nearly note-for-note quote of ABBA's "Lay All Your Love on Me." The track's dense energy is likely to make it a dancefloor event, but intended or not, there's a bit too much parody to take this "Uprising" completely seriously. --Evie Nagy