Rodrigo Y Gabriela, "11:11"

Album Review
<p>There was a slight novelty aspect to the way the Mexican guitar duo <a href="">Rodrigo Y Gabriela</a> dazzled listeners on their self-titled second album in 2006. The pair's guitar chops were undeniable, but flashy versions of <a href="">Led Zeppelin</a>'s "Stairway to Heaven" and <a href="">Metallica</a>'s "Orion" obscured the broader array of fleet-fingered virtues the duo brought to the table. Not so on "11:11," which is more sophisticated, flowing and diverse. The 11-track set loosely pays tribute to other string players, obviously in some cases (the nod to <a href="">Jimi Hendrix</a>'s "Voodoo Chile" in "Buster Voodoo") and more subtly in others, such as the Paco De Lucia echoes of "Master Maqui," with guests <a href="">Strunz &amp; Farah</a>. <a href="">Testament</a>'s Alex Skolnick brings electric fire on "Atman," an Arabic-flavored homage to the late guitarist <a href="">Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott</a>, and light hints of piano add to the textures of the John Leckie-produced title track. "11:11" is another winning showcase of exotic instrumental brilliance. --Gary Graff</p>