Kany García, "Feliz"

Track Review

Leave it to Kany García to write a dark song called "Feliz." On the lead single from her second album -- "Boleto De Entrada," due Sept. 22 -- the Puerto Rican singer/songwriter's sharply observant lyrics and pained, husky voice are a satisfying contrast to the bouncy acoustic pop behind it. García does bittersweet very well, and she's capable of conveying hurt feelings with subtlety in her vocals even while ostensibly giving someone the finger in verse. Unlike her Latin Grammy Award-winning first album, "Cualquier Día" -- a solid debut in which the quirkiest track (an ode to a vibrator) was buried -- "Feliz" is a bold choice for a single and a catchy song with a rhythm that borders on reggae-lite. Here's hoping the rest of García's new material is as interesting. --Ayala Ben-Yehuda