KSM, "Read Between the Lines"

Album Review

KSM sounds like what would result if the Go-Go's mentored a young band-and amazingly, that's exactly what happened. Brought together by the original members of the 1980s rock act, KSM has been trained in the ways of distinctive individual looks, spunky stage presence and monster riffs. But there's one critical difference between the two groups: Through the lens of Disney, KSM's antics are strictly G-rated. The first single, "Distracted," has as much melody, but more punk energy, than the band's closest cousin, Avril Lavigne. The act's rock rings harder and truer than Miley Cyrus', particularly on blast-off tracks like "Don't Rain on My Parade." At the center of it all is 15-year-old lead singer Shelby Cobra, who can wail with the best of them and pounds around the stage like a post- riot grrrl princess. -Kerri Mason