They Might Be Giants, "Here Comes Science"

Album Review

Plenty has been said about how well They Might Be Giants' playful, absurdist rock translates to kids' music-and the band's fourth offspring-focused effort is no exception. What the CD/ DVD "Here Comes Science" offers-compared with the act's previous alphabet- and numbers-focused educational albums-is more sophisticated content aimed toward older children, so things like the scientific method and photosynthesis are subject to TMBG founders John Linnell and John Flansburgh's famous imaginations and melodic quirk. There's also a pro-evolution bent to the set, with the topic popping up on two tracks, but even this has broader nuance-the synth-pop song "My Brother the Ape" is about an interspecies family reunion where the protagonist is initially uncomfortable about the differences among his kin but learns to love their idiosyncrasies. Songwriting and vocal contributions from bassist Danny Wienkauf, drummer Marty Beller and singer Robin Goldwasser add to the stylistic variety. --Evie Nagy