Girls, "Album"

The two boys (Christopher Owens and Chet JR White) who comprise Girls escaped hippie cults as children and talk about taking psychedelics, but somehow the duo manages to make sweet pop music devoid of cynicism. The standout track and first single from Girls' full-length debut, "Album," is "Hellhole Ratrace"-a tune that's simply about wanting to laugh and dance. The accompanying video shows the band and its homeless-or-hipster crew drifting through a night of partying in the group's hometown of San Francisco. Likely to conjure up feelings of relatability among the 25-and-under set and hazy nostalgia for those older, the track is an ode to unspoiled youth. Elsewhere on the album, "Lust for Life" stands as a stark contrast to Iggy Pop's song of the same name-the common theme is joy, not pain. Likely to draw comparisons to fellow indie-rock acts MGMT and Wavves, Girls are poised to take their rightful place as one of the blog-crossover bands of 2009. --Cortney Harding

- Album Review