Death Cab For Cutie, "Meet Me On The Equinox"

Track Review

Death Cab for Cutie might not come to mind as a natural choice for the soundtrack to "New Moon"-the second film in the "Twilight" franchise-but the Seattle-based quartet lends a deft emotional touch. Over crashing guitar riffs and ominous melodies, singer Ben Gibbard recounts an escapade with a special someone: "Let me lay beside you darling/Let me be your man/And let our bodies intertwine." The song was written for "New Moon," and its lyrics convey an eerie sensuality appropriate for a teen-vampire love story. But at its core the track is also a cautionary tale, warning that "everything ends." Hardcore fans may take issue with Death Cab's new source material, but the band has crafted a compelling number that stands on its own. --Evan C. Jones