Chromeo, "Night By Night"

Track Review

The latest installment of the ultra-hip Green Label Sound singles series, Chromeo's "Night by Night," takes listeners on a trip back to the '80s. The unabashed nostalgia practitioners in Chromeo -Canadian electro-poppers Dave 1 and P-Thugg-have whipped out the big synths and vocoder for this ode to taking relationships one day at a time. With a propulsive beat that could have backed up a Corey Haim film 25 years ago, the track invokes a sense of irony, in that it will most likely be consumed by people whose memories of the decade involve grade school and not wild nights at Studio 54. The song also tides fans over until Chromeo releases a new album; it's been more than two years since the duo's last set, "Fancy Footwork." --Cortney Harding