Alejandro Sanz Featuring Alicia Keys, "Looking for Paradise"


The raspy urgency of Alejandro Sanz's voice has acted as a lovely complement to female belters in the past. The Spanish singer lent heft to Shakira's 2005 hit, "La Tortura," and this time around, his duet partner is Alicia Keys, whose voice also suits his nicely. Kudos to Sanz and Keys for stepping out of their comfort zones and going back and forth in each other's languages. It's refreshing to hear them stretch like that, when they could've simply stuck with Spanish or English. Not that there's much more risk-taking to be found in "Looking for Paradise." The hook consists largely of Keys reprising her "uh-oh, uh-oh" chants from "No One." Like a cool drink of water on a summer day, the song's breezy acoustic guitar riffs and earnest lyrics about looking for human connection are pleasant, but their taste is easily forgotten.-Ayala Ben-Yehuda