Built To Spill, "There is No Enemy"

Three years after the release of its last album, "You in Reverse," Built to Spill returns with its seventh release, "There Is No Enemy," which finds the band exploring new influences outside of the familiar indie-rock territory while still indulging in the transcendent guitar solos it's become known for. On the country rock-flavored single "Hindsight," frontman Doug Martsch sings in a wistful tenor over a mix of languid and urgent guitar riffs, while "Life's a Dream" features an extended guitar solo against horns that provide a soulful demeanor. The haunting "Oh Yeah" opens with Martsch singing, "And if God does exist, I am sure he will forgive me for doubting," whereas the frantic-sounding "Pat" offers a dose of punk rock to the set. Martsch has hinted that "There Is No Enemy" could be the band's final album. If that's the case, the set's multifaceted melodies and experimentation would be an inspired sendoff. --Kelsey Paine

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