Foo Fighters, "Wheels"


Dave Grohl quietly rails against all things monotonous on "Wheels," one of two previously unreleased tracks that appears on Foo Fighters' upcoming "Greatest Hits" album. The song has a Weezer-meets-the-Fray vibe, and it flies out of the gate with feedback-laden riffs, well-timed stutter stops and a gentle balance of electric and acoustic guitars. Four-chord loops nicely underscore Grohl's frustration as he mourns life's failure to meet his expectations. Foo Fighters' sly, ever-present self-awareness is still at play on "Wheels," though not quite as cleverly as it appears on the band's classics like "Everlong," "Times Like These" and "My Hero." Grohl sings during the opening verse, "I wanted something better, man/I wished for something new." For an act of this stature and talent, it's hard not to agree just a little. --Benjamin Sheehan