The Raveonettes, "In and Out of Control"

The girl-group sound has always been about just that-the sound and its evolution, rather than a strictly distaff conceit (think Blondie and Holly & the Italians in the '70s and '80s, Transvision Vamp and the Primitives in the '90s and Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Raveonettes today). "In and Out of Control," the newest album from the Danish duo the Raveonettes, may be the purest distillation in decades, thanks to a wall of sound production so draped in echo that it borders on the tactile. Raveonettes singer Sharin Foo provides sassy yet vulnerable come-ons, while guitarist Sune Rose Wagner lends unfurling twangy peals of psychedelic guitar. From the minor chords on the Yardbirds-styled "Heart of Stone" to the noisy, Jesus and Mary Chain-meets-Pink Floyd "Break Up Girls!," "In and Out of Control" is nonstop exhilaration.-Fred Mills

- Album Review