The Bravery, "Slow Poison"

Track Review

The Bravery rode a wave of synthesizers and droning vocals to success in 2005, and the band's lead single from its upcoming third album, "Stir the Blood," is true to that blueprint. Harmonious guitar strums and a static drumbeat kick off "Slow Poison," as electronic loops crawl in and around the riffs. The song's quick tempo and happy-go-lucky melody work in opposition to frontman/songwriter Sam Endicott's bleak lyrics. "Burn burn the house on fire/I'm so sick and tired," Endicott wails. "I can still remember your sound/It's cut-cut-cutting me down." Only at the bridge does Endicott let his veil of apathy slip and inject some urgency into his vocal delivery. The Bravery's signature sound is in full force on "Slow Poison," and it pays off in dividends.-Evan C. Jones