Juvenile, "Gotta Get It"

Track Review

Juvenile is a pioneer in his own right. The New Orleans rapper enjoyed a slew of Southern bounce hits years before Lil Wayne sold his first millions. Unfortunately, his first official track in three years shows he hasn't evolved as much as one might hope. While the production on "Gotta Get It" has potential (thanks to its organ synths, double-speed drums and those famous "Nolia" claps), the track is missing the kind of infectious chorus Juvenile is known for on past favorites like "Slow Motion." Lyrically, the rapper is also a bit unoriginal, bragging about his "yellow Chevy thing with the door up" and "canaries in the grill," among other material things. Let's hope this is just a warm-up for Juvenile and, as he raps on "Ha," he'll "handle his biz" on the next one.-Mariel Concepcion