Michael Jackson, "This Is It"

Track Review

The controversy over its origins aside, "This Is It"-released Oct. 12 on Michael Jackson's official Web site-is yet another testament to the fact that the King of Pop was very much full of life when he died. "I never heard a single word about you/Falling in love wasn't my plan/I never thought that I would be your lover/Come on please, dear, understand," Jackson belts in his high-pitched, vibrating tenor. His voice is boosted by a medley of gentle violins, jazzy guitar strokes, intermittent finger snaps and horns while a choir chants an escalating series of "oohs" in the background. "This Is It" will be included on the soundtrack to Jackson's movie of the same name. He will forever be missed, but releases like this will make his music live on. -Mariel Concepcion