Kristina Train, "Spilt Milk"

Album Review

Sorrow over a breakup rarely sounds as exalted as it does on singer/songwriter Kristina Train's debut album, "Spilt Milk," where her lyrics are often awash in isolation. "I start out each morning full of good intentions," she belts on "You're Still Going to Lose," over sparse acoustic plucks that soon give way to exuberant strings. "And watch all those people go home with happy endings/I'll keep on pretending." The album draws from Train's background as a church singer in Savannah, Ga., which would account for the gospel-informed "Call in the Maker" and the soulful "No Man's Land," where a post-breakup Train laments, "I'm so ashamed you're still living rent-free in my brain." The songs on "Spilt Milk" have a tendency to rely on lush orchestration during the choruses, but ultimately Train's words resonate with the listener.-Monica Herrera