LCD Soundsystem, "Bye Bye Bayou"


In honor of Vinyl Saturday (Nov. 7), the dance-punk outfit LCD Soundsystem is targeting discerning music collectors with an exclusive 12-inch single: a cover of Alan Vega's "Bye Bye Bayou." The very different-sounding original song is from the Suicide frontman's 1980 solo debut, but here LCD's James Murphy transforms it into a hazy dancefloor workout. Murphy takes the swampy, art-damaged rockabilly and anxious delivery of Vega's track and replaces it with a razor-sharp club beat and dubbed-out vocals. What saves this new edition from becoming a generic rump shaker is Murphy's loyalty to Vega's paranoid vision. With masterful synthesizer work, Murphy brings the "helicopters flyin' " and coiled "rattlesnakes" of "Bye Bye Bayou" to life.-Ron Hart