Atreyu, "Congregation of the Damned"

Album Review

Atreyu's 2007 release, "Lead Sails Paper Anchor," found the band experimenting with a softer side when the group's Alex Varkatzas ditched his snarling growl for clearer vocals. But Atreyu has resharpened its teeth on its new album, "Congregation of the Damned," which features the return of Varkatzas' deadly scream. But the set still features somber moments, as heard on songs like "Wait for You," "So Wrong" and "Insatiable." Traces of Atreyu's earlier material-like the 2004 "The Curse-can be found on "You Were the King, Now You're Unconscious," "Stop! Before It's Too Late and We've Destroyed It All" and "Bleeding Is a Luxury"-all of which contain back-and-forth vocal exchanges between Varkatzas and drummer Brandon Saller, mixed with chugging guitars, heavy bass and pounding drums.-Evan C. Jones