Neil Diamond, "A Cherry Cherry Christmas"

Album Review

The listener's reaction to the concept of Neil Diamond covering Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah Song" is a pretty good predictor of how he or she will respond to the third holiday compilation of Diamond's career. While many of the classic songs are remasters from earlier recordings-including the tenor sax-heavy "The Christmas Song" and the gospel choir-assisted "Joy to the World"-the new tracks come off as though they were recorded over a glass or two of mulled cider. The title track name-drops a slew of Diamond hits as ways to celebrate the season, wishing listeners a "merry cherry, holly holy, rockin' rolly Christmas"; one that "feels like pretty amazin' grace, if you know what I mean." Meanwhile, "The Chanukah Song" is exactly what one might imagine-Diamond having some fun with Sandler's modern holiday hit, with some added electric guitar.-Evie Nagy