Say Anything, "Say Anything"

Album Review

Pop-punk band Say Anything's new self-titled album reflects the changing life of frontman Max Bemis-he is now married (wife Sherri DuPree guests on the songs "She Won't Follow You" and "Cemetery"), has converted to Christianity (referenced in the upbeat single "Hate Everyone") and hasn't suffered bipolar relapses that have previously derailed tours. Life has settled down for Bemis, but it doesn't show on the new set. Taking a cue from painter Jackson Pollock, the artist splatters pieces of his influences and experiences across an audio canvas for listeners to interpret. "Do Better" leans on strings and electronics to create a musical takeover (Bemis sings, "We could do better/We could be the greatest band in the world"), while "Less Cute" features horns during the verse that lead into a rocking chorus. The chaos is nothing new for Say Anything, but the band's newest release is tightly executed and gives fans a deeper look into Bemis' clever mind. --Evan C. Jones