Orianthi, "According to You"

Track Review

Pop music has seen its share of vocalists attempt to play guitar, but few do so as successfully as Orianthi, who shreds and sings with equal aplomb. The 24-year-old Australian was set to play alongside Michael Jackson on his "This Is It" residency, then follow up with "Believe," her debut album released last month. Though the high-profile gig fell through, her album's lead single, "According to You," continues to power Orianthi's career forward. Producer Howard Benson (P.O.D., Daughtry) builds a rock-solid framework around co-songwriters Steve Diamond and Andrew Frampton's lyrics and Orianthi's lively vocal and instrumental chops, leading to a striking guitar climax. Already labeled the female Slash, Orianthi's combination of high-energy, emotive delivery and masterful fret work could inspire scores of young females to pick up the guitar.-Michael Menachem