Thalía, "Equivocada"

Track Review

For the first single from her Nov. 17 live album "Thalía en Primera Fila" (Thalía in the Front Row), Mexican pop star Thalía delivers a moving ballad about a once-serious relationship that turned out to be a mistake. "I was always wrong, and I just didn't want to see it," she sings in Spanish. "Because for you I gave my life/Because everything that begins also ends." After a string of dance-pop singles that aimed for a crossover audience, it's refreshing to hear Thalía pull back and tackle a downtempo number with a classic feel, particularly in a live setting that allows her to showcase her vocals. Thalía recently posted a YouTube clip of herself in the studio with Aventura recording a bachata version of "Equivocada," a sign that her latest hit could find radio success in more ways than one.-Monica Herrera