AC/DC, "Backtracks"

Album Review

The most popular version of the new AC/DC boxed set, "Backtracks," will be the one that includes a CD of B-sides and other rarities, a CD of live performances and a DVD of videos. But the real prize is the deluxe configuration, available from the band's Web site, which includes an extra CD of performances, a DVD of a 2003 concert, a vinyl record, a high-quality photo book and replicas of various memorabilia-schoolboy outfit not included -in a case that doubles as a working amplifier. As for the music, AC/DC has spent three decades giving old-fashioned rock the frenzied energy of metal, and the band hasn't heard a riff that's too raucous (check out the song "Stick Around") or a double-entendre that's too crude (one rarity is called "Snake Eye"). The concert -a 2003 performance from Munich-shows the band in its true element, as guitarist Angus Young seems to sweat out his own weight onstage. It's good, dirty fun.-Robert Levine