Pretty Ricky, "Pretty Ricky"

Album Review

The giant parental advisory/explicit lyrics sticker on the front of Pretty Ricky's new self-titled album leaves no doubt as to what the group is still up to on its latest musical outing. The former Atlantic quartet comes packing with a new member (Lingerie) as well as sexually charged songs whose titles don't leave much to the imagination ("Menage a Trois," "Doggystyle" and "Sticky"). Pretty Ricky goes hard right from the start with an intro that trumpets this telling piece of information: "My sex drive is times a million, trillion." Another song, the aptly titled "Black," intones that "once you go black, you never go back." The foursome can be clever and fun, as demonstrated on "Mr. Goodbar" and mellow lead single "Tipsy (In Dis Club)"-about the tamest song on the set. The group gets off, however, on the mood-setting "Lapdance." Despite the title, it's a languid R&B groove that pleasingly complements the quartet's sweet, urgent harmonies. It also hints at something for the guys to keep in mind next time: Sometimes less is more.-Gail Mitchell