Brad Paisley, "American Saturday Night"

After 10 years and 10 straight No. 1 singles, Brad Paisley has got it down: He knows what his fans want and he gives it to them. His well-crafted new album is no different. Paisley hits all the right notes, literally and figuratively, weighing in on skinny dippin', beer, fishing, technology, children and women, among other all-American topics. "Then," a multiweek No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, speaks to long-lasting love and adoration and may be this decade's "Amazed." The soulful "Oh Yeah, You're Gone," which features blues rocker (and co-writer) Robben Ford, is the album's pearl and shows a side of Paisley he's rarely revealed. There's plenty of his trademark humor here as well. On "The Pants" he gleefully hands out sage advice to a stubborn man: "It's not who wears the pants, it's who wears the skirt."