Spoon, "Written In Reverse"

Track Review

Shortly following the announcement that Spoon's "Transference" album would arrive a week ahead of its original street date, the Texas art-pop group presents the album's first official single. "Written in Reverse" contains some of the band's catchiest melodies yet, while again delivering the piano-heavy sound of early fan favorites "The Way We Get By" and "The Beast and Dragon, Adored." Frontman Britt Daniel digs deep into an early-'70s, post-British Invasion boogie highlighted by saloon-style ivory runs and short, fuzzy guitar jabs. The arrangement plays perfectly into Daniel's wry lyrics, which may loosely remind Beatles fans of the Ringo Starr single "I'm the Greatest." If the rest of "Transference" is half as snappy as this mover, expect Spoon to become even more ubiquitous on TV and film soundtracks.-Ron Hart