Allison Iraheta, "Just Like You"

Album Review

Seventeen-year-old "American Idol" graduate Allison Iraheta was praised by judges and fans for her smoky, powerful voice and eventually came in fourth in 2009 behind Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Her debut album, "Just Like You," has no shortage of commanding pop-rock tunes, but Iraheta really shines when her spirited voice breaks through the precise production. The first single, "Friday I'll Be Over U," blends dance and electro beats with grinding guitars, while standout track "Robot Love" finds Iraheta complaining to a boyfriend who is more attached to his cell phone than to her. ("Technology sucks/I wish I could change all your numbers/Put your phone underwater.") But soulful tunes like "Scars" and the bluesy "Trouble Is" showcase the raw talent that made Iraheta a star on "Idol" and set her apart from other young pop upstarts.-Kelsey Paine