Priscilla Renea, "Jukebox"

Album Review

Priscilla Renea, a YouTube songstress-turned-recording artist, showcases her knack for combining prose and poetry with catchy beats on her debut album, "Jukebox." It's like a compilation of 11 powerful stories cohesively wrapped together by Renea's smooth vocals and undeniable charm. The opener, "Dollhouse," is a power-pop anthem for independent women everywhere, and the singer/songwriter also shows a venerable side in the midtempo piano ballad "Fixing My Hair." Showing off her unique wordplay in the beat-heavy "Rockabye Baby," Renea raps about teenage pregnancy using nursery rhyme characters Miss Mary Mack and Georgie Porgie. And the seemingly jovial "Mr. Workabee" finds Renea singing over a buzzing chorus, "Hey Mr. Workabee/I see you working/But do you often forget that you've got a queen at home." Like the machine the album is named after, "Jukebox" has a little something for everyone.-Crystal Bell