Little Boots, "Hands"

Album Review

Nearly nine months following the U.K. release of singer/songwriter Little Boots' debut album, "Hands," stateside listeners will finally have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with a shining British talent who puts a futuristic spin on pop music. Little Boots surrounds herself with complex electronic tracks that collapse into each other like dominoes, with such producers as RedOne and Greg Kurstin contributing energetic beats. "New in Town" and "Earthquake" provide a vivacious one-two opening punch, while "Remedy" is a gorgeous synthesis of Girls Aloud's chic pop and Kylie Minogue's light-as-air atmosphere. For an album with crowded electro-pop instrumentation, the music isn't overbearing, and Little Boots' cheeky lyrics never lose any of their dry attitude. Despite the later U.S. release date, none of the glittery tracks on "Hands" have lost their luster; if anything, Little Boots may find more stateside success in a post-Lady Gaga pop landscape.-Jason Lipshutz