The Watson Twins, "Talking to You, Talking to Me"


Los Angeles-based sister duo the Watson Twins' second album, "Talking to You, Talking to Me," fuses the pair's alternative country sound with a funkier vibe than found on their 2008 debut, "Fire Songs." The new set also displays a more assertive attitude through its confident lyrical themes. The compelling "Midnight" is ruled by biting piano that swells into a melting guitar/ organ combo, while the single "Modern Man" features the sisters' beautiful harmonies. Although Chandra and Leigh Watson don't employ their entire vocal range on the bluesy "Devil in You," they make up for it with lyrical maturity ("Well the devil in you tried to tell me what to do/I don't think so"). Perhaps the album's strongest delivery is found on the hard-hitting "Give Me a Chance," where the duo sings over a drum pulse, "You can't hit me, take me, love me and leave me for dead."-Melanie Bertoldi