Jaheim, "Ain't Leaving Without You"


Jaheim showcased his ability to ride an uptempo party groove on his recent hit, "Ain't Leaving Without You," but the suave crooner's bread and butter has been slow serenades. Right on cue, "Finding My Way Back" is quintessential Jaheim. A melancholic guitar riff sets the tone for the song, which finds the husky-voiced tenor plotting the recapture of a lost love. But what separates "Finding My Way Back" from any number of his identically themed tracks is a particularly well-executed metaphor. "Caught a love wave/Rode it then I wiped out," Jaheim sings, introducing the maritime theme that runs through his verses. "Two ships just passing in the night now/Offshore, looking for a lighthouse." As long as he keeps finding ways to make traditional R&B sound this fresh, Jaheim fans should hope that he remains lost at sea.-Jesse Serwer