Darryl Worley, "Best of Both Worlds"

Track Review
<p>Boasting some tasty guitar work and an infectious melody, <a href="/artist/darryl-worley/306004">Darryl Worley</a> delivers an engaging single in "Best of Both Worlds." Culled from his Stroudavarious debut album, "Sounds Like Life," he co-wrote this number with Jim "Moose" Brown. The song has a groove that draws listeners in and a lyric that will make them smile and sing along. "Free, free, she sets me free/If this is tied down, that's where I wanna be," he sings. The lyrics celebrate the virtues of a woman who knows how to be both a friend and a lover, or as he puts it, "an angel with a wild side." Worley's warm, confident delivery gives "Worlds" a conversational feel that works well with the upbeat subject matter. It sounds like a radio-ready addition to any country station's playlist. -Deborah Evans Price</p>