Latin Grammys 2018

Rogue Wave, "Permalight"

Album Review

On its fourth studio album, "Permalight," Northern California rock act Rogue Wave expands on its usual guitar-drive approach by adding new electronic influences. But the group's foray into electronica is hit and miss-the song "Good Morning" successfully utilizes dancehall synth to highlight Rogue Wave frontman Zach Rogue's cryptic lyrics ("The future isn't what it used to be/I'm not surprised"), but the Auto-Tuned vocals and cluttered background instrumentation on the title track represents a low point of the album. Luckily, the second half of "Permalight" moves away from electronics and finds Rogue Wave returning to its guitar-based, head-nodding roots. With a campfire guitar riff and minimal percussive backbeats, the track "I'll Never Leave You" closely resembles tunes found on the band's 2005 release, "Descended Like Vultures." But the most intimate cut on "Permalight" is the 65-second "All That Remains," which closes out the set with lightly fading acoustic guitar chords and peaceful vocal harmonies.