MGMT, "Flash Delirium"


Fans searching for another party jam by MGMT may not find it in "Flash Delirium," the group's new single and a song best enjoyed by the light of the lava lamp. A dizzying sonic odyssey, the track blazes through no less than seven distinct parts-from new age to old hippie-and finds the cosmic-pop group falling farther down the psychedelic rabbit hole. "Flash" is rife with cryptic verses and schizophrenic chord changes; the closest thing to a chorus is the line, "Even if this hall collapses, I can stand by my pillar of hope." While it may not have the infectious charm of "Kids" and "Time to Pretend"-MGMT's breakout songs that instantly made heads bob-"Flash" is well-suited for repeat listening and metaphysical pondering.-Connor McKnight