Scorpions, "Sting in the Tail"

The real sting of the Scorpions' latest album, "Sting in the Tail," is that it will be the German rock band's last one, according to the group. If that's the case, it will close a 40-plus-year career that put the quintet's homeland on the hard rock map. Those who dug into Scorpions albums from the '80s like "Animal Magnetism," "Blackout" and "Love at First Sting" will enjoy nostalgic twinges throughout these 12 new tracks, beginning with "Raised on Rock," a latter-day "Rock You Like a Hurricane" that lyrically references its predecessor. The title track and "No Limit" offer galloping riff rock, while "Rock Zone" touches on psychedelic blues. The power ballads are here as well, including a torchy "The Good Die Young," with Finnish singer Tarja Turunen. But while "The Best Is Yet to Come" sounds like an optimistic note on which to close the album, it's false hope--at least until the inevitable reunion.

- Album Review