Meth, Ghost & Rae, "Wu-Massacre"

Album Review
<p><a href="/artist/method-man/120039">Method Man</a> recently admitted that "Wu-Massacre," his new album with fellow <a href="/artist/wu-tang-clan/120516">Wu-Tang Clan</a> members <a href="/artist/ghostface-killah/166940">Ghostface Killah</a> and <a href="/artist/raekwon/121522">Raekwon</a>, was rush-released by Def Jam on a low budget. It's a fact that's somewhat hard to hide behind the set's lean production and uneven narrative. But there's cohesion among most of the 13 tracks, whose rough-edged samples draw largely from horn-and keys-heavy '70s funk and soul, including the <a href="/artist/rza/96613">RZA</a>-produced single "Our Dreams," which is build around <a href="/artist/michael-jackson/4902">Michael Jackson</a>'s 1975 ballad "We're Almost There." The lyrical prowess of the Wu-bond is strongest in Method Man and Raekwon's stream-of-consciousness battle "Mef Vs. Chef 2"; the desperate, Ghost-dominated track "Gunshowers" (featuring rapper <a href="/artist/inspectah-deck/248808">Inspectah Deck</a>); the street-challenging "Dangerous"; and the <a href="/artist/mathematics/334861">Mathematics</a>-helmed "Miranda," on which the trio swap conquest tales over soul keys and vocals remixed to synthesize a Latin beat. Curious are the filler skits, including one that's less scripted comedy and more stumbling drunk-dial by "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan.</p>