Latin Music Week

Usher featuring, "OMG"

Track Review

Usher has to thank for his fastest top 10 entry on the Billboard Hot 100 in 12 years. "OMG" resonates with a broader audience than the R&B star's recent singles because it's attuned to the current club culture, much the same way that 2003 smash "Yeah!" minted crunk. Over a taut house beat that stops and starts and never truly shakes loose, Usher delivers his signature smooth talk: "Baby let me love you down/There's so many ways to love ya." Soon, though, he's stuttering childlike lines in's cyborg-cadence-"She was dancin' sexy, pop-pop-poppin', droppin', droppin' low . . . Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow." The pair also may as well be singing about the meaning of their successful matchup. ( "I did it again." Usher: "I found you, finally.") Surrounding the lyrics are hypnotic hand claps and soccer-game chants that fade in and out to keep the party going.-Monica Herrera