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Iggy & The Stooges, "Raw Power (Legacy and Deluxe Edition)"

Album Review

Since its 1973 release on an unsuspecting music world, "Raw Power" has been put through the ringer. Many at the time--just before punk really kicked in--weren't sure what to make of its, well, raw brutality. And the album's David Bowie mix became something of a controversy, considered too fluffy for the Stooges' onslaught. Iggy Pop "corrected" that with his own remix for a 1996 reissue. But Bowie is back, and thanks to better technology, these special editions of "Raw Power" sound right on the money. But the story here is the extras: In addition to such outtakes as "Doojiman" and "Head On," the reissues include an eight-song live set from an October 1973 residency at Richards in Atlanta that captures the latter-lineup Stooges in full Cro-Magnon fury, roaring through epic incarnations of "Gimme Danger" and "Search and Destroy." The Deluxe Edition adds an intriguing third disc of additional rarities and a DVD documentary about the making of the album, which are both worthwhile, if not indispensable. --Gary Graff