Murs & 9th Wonder, "Fornever"

While guest appearances on "Fornever"--the third collaboration between West Coast underground veteran Murs and ubiquitous former Little Brother producer 9th Wonder--include rappers Kurupt and Suga Free, both known for their gangster chops, Murs' subject matter is divided between quirky and socially conscious. The 10-track set, which contains multiple sounds and styles, gives a brief glimpse into both artists' scattered versatility. On "Asian Girl," Murs and 9th Wonder (rapping as 9thmatic) pay tribute to their Korean and Vietnamese girlfriends over a faux East Asian melody, and Murs satirizes tobacco and alcohol abuse on cartoonish track "Cigarettes and Liquor." The tone shifts to nostalgic on "I Used to Love Her (Again)," where Murs updates Common's '90s classic with references to the current hip-hop scene. The album's apex is "The Problem Is . . .," on which Murs and guests Sick Jacken and Uncle Chucc ponder the ills of society. --Evan J. Nabavian

- Album Review