Buckcherry, "All Night Long"

Track Review
<p><a href="/artist/against-me/558350">Buckcherry</a>'s woefully underrated single "Too Drunk..." should've been the summer rock party anthem of 2008. Its lyrics were so funny, you knew that the band had lived every intoxicated line. Two years later, new single "All Night Long" also hails the joy of all-night revelry, but this party is kind of a bust. Against a standard whiskey-rock jam, Josh Todd trots out lines that are family-friendly enough for the <a href="/artist/jonas-brothers/769568">Jonas Brothers</a> to sing. "Are you ready to go all night long, make you stop in your tracks when you're singing our song," he rasps. "You know you love it 'cause you're having fun, and the beat keeps you moving to the guitars strum." Buckcherry's newfound sobriety is a likely influence, and there's nothing wrong with embracing a healthier lifestyle. But this song itself could use a shot, or three. -Christa L. Titus</p>