The Futureheads, "The Chaos"

Album Review

With lyrical themes of global economic distress and romantic bliss, British pop-punk band the Futureheads bring a more refined sound to its fourth album, "The Chaos." But the group's punchy passion is still intact as it delves into the former matter on the title track. Over frantic guitar singer Barry Hyde inquires, "The chaos is everywhere/But what's it got to do with us?" He addresses the question on album closer "Jupiter," offering in a cappella, "When your life fills you with despair/You have to believe that there's good out there." Guitar imitates the sound of an electric current on the peppy track "The Connector," and Hyde brings unconventional imagery to the lyrics of "Struck Dumb" ("Misery is a little line of a little dash/It's a subtraction sign/Happiness is a little cross/So if you're feeling lost/Use it to add it up"). "The Chaos" is most accessible on the upbeat "Heartbeat Song," where over groovy guitar riffs Hyde sings about mismatched romance ("We're singing out of tune/But I still want to sing with you"). --Melanie Bertoldi